And I was right. Hindley warned that he must never speak to again, or he would be sent away from and it was decided that would be taught to behave like a young lady.
She stayed with the Linton family at Thrushcross Grange for five weeks, until Christmas. By that time her leg was fine, and her manners were much better than before. Frances Earnshaw visited her often, bringing her pretty dresses to wear, and persuading her to take care of her appearance, so that when she finally came home after her long absence, she almost seemed a different person. Instead of a wild, hatless girl, we saw a beautiful, carefully dressed young lady.
When she had greeted all of us, she asked for .
“Come forward, “ called Hindley. “You may welcome home, like the other servants.”
___________ was used to being outside all day, and had not bothered to wash or change his clothes. His face and hands were black with dirt. In spite of this, was very glad to see him and rushed up to kiss him. Then she laughed.
“How funny and black and cross you look! But that's because I'm used to Edgar and Isabella, who are always so clean and tidy. Well, , have you forgotten me?”
But, ashamed and proud, the boy said nothing, until suddenly his feelings were too much for him.
“I won't stay to be laughed at!” he cried, and was about to run away, when caught hold of his hand.
“Why are you angry, ? You ... you just look a bit strange, that's all. You're so dirty!”
She looked worriedly at her hands, and her new dress.
“You needn't have touched me!” he said, pulling away his hand. “I like being dirty, and I'm going to be dirty!”
As he ran miserably out of the room, Hindley and his wife laughed loudly, delighted that their plan to separate the two young people seemed to be succeeding.
The next day was Christmas Day. Edgar and Isabella Linton had been invited to lunch, and their mother had agreed, on condition that her darlings were kept carefully apart from “that wicked boy”. I felt sorry for poor , and while the Earnshaws were at church, I helped him wash and dress in clean clothes.
“You're too proud,” I scolded him as I brushed his black hair. “You should think how sad ______ is when you can't be together. And don't be jealous of Edgar Linton!”
“I wish I had blue eyes and fair hair like him! I wish I behaved well, and was going to inherit a fortune!”
“He has none of your intelligence or character! And if you have a good heart, you'll have a handsome face. Who knows who your parents were? Perhaps a king and queen, far more important than the Lintons!”
In this way I encouraged to have more confidence in himself. But when the Earnshaws and the Lintons arrived back from church, the first thing Hindley did was shout at “Get out of my sight, until we've finished eating! I’ll pull that long hair of yours if you don't obey me at once!”
'It z's long,' said Edgar. Tm surprised he can see anything.'
This was too much for . He looked desperately around for a weapon, picked up a bowl of hot soup and threw it at Edgar, who started screaming. Hindley immediately took hold of and pushed him upstairs.
“I’m sure Hindley's going to hit him!” cried . 'I hate it when is punished!”