When we reached the cave, _________ guarded the prisoners. ________ and I talked outside.
"We must capture ________ and _________," I said. "And we must make a plan to take control of the ship. How many men are on board?"
"Thirty-six," said the captain. "Some of them will fight against us."
It was late in the afternoon. I looked towards the shore. "Look, I can see __________ and ____________ ," I said. The two men were on the beach near the boat. ____________ had a bottle of rum in his hand.
"They're drunk!" _________ said.
"Let's go down to the beach," I said. _________ , Smith and ________ followed me. We hid near _________ and ___________.
Suddenly, _____________ shouted, "The prisoners aren't here!"
"We don't need them," said __________. "Forget about them. Let's return to the ship."
As they walked towards the small boat, ____________ shouted, "Oh, no! The tide went out! Our boat's stuck in the sand!"
They tried to push the boat into the water, but it didn't move.
The two men sat down. "We'll have to wait until the tide comes in," ________ said. "Perhaps the others will return."
The captain said quietly, "We must capture them before the tide comes in."
I knew he was right, and I tried to think fast. Suddenly, I had an idea. I explained it to the captain.
"It's an excellent idea," he said. "Let's go and tell the others."
At the cave, all the prisoners agreed to help us. Then I explained my plan to everyone. "Tom and John have guns, and they are dangerous," I said. "My plan is to separate them so it will be easier to capture them. We'll divide into two groups. One group will go with _________ and _________; the other group will go with ___________ and me. Each group will walk in a different direction, and shout to ____________ and ____________. I hope that they'11 separate when they follow the sound of our voices. We must move quickly. Let's go!"