A week later, trial started. Everybody
went to watch the trial. This was the first murder in the town. Everybody knew Dr Robinson and Muff Potter and wanted to see the trial. ________ went, and ________ and went, too.
"________" said the lawyer. "Is this your knife?"
"Yes," said _________.
"Somebody killed Dr Robinson with this knife," said the lawyer.
"Yes, I know," answered Muff.
The lawyer asked another man some questions.
"Mr Smith," said the lawyer. "What did you see that night?"
"I saw . There was blood on his clothes.
There was blood on his hands, too."
"Muff," said the lawyer. "Is this true?"
was guilty. The
"Yes," said _________.
"Why did you have blood on your clothes and hands?" asked the lawyer.
"I don't know," answered Muff.
"I think you killed ," said the lawyer.
Everybody was sure that judge was sure, too.
"Have you got anything to say, Muff?" the judge asked.
"No," said ________.
Then the lawyer said, "I want to call ."
Everybody turned and looked at ________. _________was very scared when he walked to the chair.