It was a very cold night when Mrs Corney, the matron of the workhouse where [...] was born, heard a knock at the door.
There was a woman there. She said, “Old Sally is almost dead. She says she has something important to say to you before she dies.”
Mrs Corney didn’t carei f Old Sally died, but she was curious, so she went to seer her.
Old Sally held Mrs Corney’s arm. “I must tell you a secret,” she said, weakly. “Twelve years ago, I helped a pregnant woman who came to this workhouse. Moments after her baby boy was born, she died. She asked me to keep something for her son, but I stole it. It was a gold locket and inside there was information about the boy.”
“The boy’s name?” asked the matron.
“They called him [...],” replied Old Sally. “The gold locket I stole was...” But the old woman died before she finished her sentence.