All ________ are afraid of ___________. Now they ran, with shouts of 'It's __________' Run! Run!'
Then _________ opened his mouth for the first time and spoke one long hissing word. The _________ were suddenly silent and still, and nothing moved in the city.
__________ pulled himself out of the tank. 'Get the man-cub out and let us go,' he said. 'I can't fight any more. And the __________ will attack us again.'
They will not move until I tell them to move,' said __________.
'We must thank you, __________. We could not do it without you,' said __________.
'I am happy to help. Where is the man-cub?' said ___________.
'Here! In this room, but I cannot get out.'
'Take him away,' called the snakes around ___________. 'He dances around too much and he will stand on us.'
'Stand back, man-cub,' said _________. 'I will break the wall.'
With two metres of his heavy body off the ground, __________ hit the wall very hard, five or six times. A hole opened, and __________ jumped quickly through it. He ran and put his arms around __________ and __________.
'Are you hurt?' asked ____________.
'Not much,' said _________, 'but the _________ have hurt you badly, my friends.'
'It is nothing,' said __________. 'But you must thank __________. He has done much for you tonight.'
___________ turned and saw the head of the great python.
'So this is the man-cub,' said ___________. 'He is like the ___________, but not the same. Be careful, man-cub, that I do not make a mistake when I am hunting ___________.'
'We are of one blood, you and I,'____________ answered. 'You have given me my life tonight. When I kill, it will be f or you if you are hungry.'
'Well spoken,' said ___________.
'You are brave, young man,' said __________, [...]